Privacy Policy

Please read carefully and fully understand the privacy policy of our website, further you agree that the terms and conditions of the policy are acceptable to you.

General Provisions

  1. Notice: All notices from the Company will be served either by general notification on the website or via an email to the designated account.
  2. Assignment: Rights of the Company, under the terms of use, are freely transferable to any third party without the requirement to ask for your consent.
  3. Severability: Provision of the terms, or any portion because of that, found unenforceable by a competent jurisdiction, shall not affect other portion of the terms.
  4. Waiver: Failure to enforce or exercise any provision of the terms by the Company, shall not constitute a waiver of such provision.
  5. Feedback and Information: The Company is free to use the feedback provided by you to the website. You warrant that:
    • Your feedback does not contain any confidential information of you.
    • Woodstylus is not committed under any liabilities of confidentiality.
    • Under any circumstances, you are not entitled to any compensation for the feedback.
  6. Fidelity not guaranteed: Woodstylus hereby disclaims the guarantee of exactness of the appearance or finish of the final product. In case you receive any damaged product, a photographic evidence must be forwarded within 24 hours of receiving the product. The evidence will be reviewed by our representatives, and a valid damage will be confirmed for a replacement via an email. In case of damaged replacement, the order will be canceled and we will refund the whole amount. Further, you agree that Woodstylus have the final rights to decide whether a product is significantly damaged or not.


What is the estimated time for a delivery?

Woodstylus is dedicated to deliver your products minimum 3 days or maximum within 1 week of the timeline; however, in case of exceptional situations like transport strike, raw material shortage or any unforeseen situation that the estimated delivery time may exceed than the promised timeline. Our Team will be given updates about your products, and Woodstylus will be responsible to keep your products on priority and deliver at earliest as possible. We humbly request your cooperation in above exceptional situations, as your support is essential to ensure that we continue to keep serving you with high quality furniture.

What is the Refunds & Returns policy?

Product can be returned only if it’s having manufacturing defect. If any product delivered defected then you need to inform within 24 hours of delivery with the pictures of defected piece. We will change/ repair the defected part on site or if it can not be repair on site, we will initiate the refund/ return process. Our team will help you in refund process 

Are there any delivery or installation charges, or any hidden fees?

No, but the free delivery is only applicable for the very first attempt on a visit to your shipping address. In case of a missed delivery, (from a customer) an extra visiting charge would be applicable for later delivery.

What should I check when the product is delivered to me?

When the product has been delivered to your doorstep, please ensure the following:

  1. Please check all the external surfaces of your product for any forms of breakages, cracks, chip-offs, unfinished patches or insect infestations.
  2. In case there is some dust deposit, or the product lacks shine, our delivery team will be able to fix this on-the-spot by applying a coat of wood polish or by rubbing the surface in question with a cloth. Please know that this is an accepted industry-standard way of cleaning the surface or polishing it.
  3. If there is a scratch or a crack on the product, raise this issue with the delivery personnel as well as our customer support team. Our carpenter will resolve the issue on the spot, or we will arrange a visit to rectify the issue. If the carpenter fails to resolve the issue, we shall remanufacture the product/part of the product.
  4. During the rainy months, hardwood products may expand slightly, which might result in some drawers to get stuck. This is completely normal, and you need not worry about it. Minimize the exposure of the product to heat, and when rainy season passes, it will return back to the previous form.
  5. Some of our products are DIY (Do It Yourself). We will support you to install the product online if you face any challenges.

Once the product has been delivered to you, and after your inspections, our delivery team has left your premises, Woodstylus won’t be liable to any damage that occurs due to mishandling or rough usage. Any self-mishandled or damage issues reported after successful delivery and installation of the product, will not be considered as company’s responsibility.

Will the product be exactly as shown on the Website?

Woodstylus tries its best to deliver Products and Services exactly the way they are described on the Website. However, the nature and tendency of natural material-based products is that each piece of furniture is unique in its own way. Sometimes there is a little difference in color depends on different lots of material compare to the picture shown on website. Woodstylus hereby disclaims any guarantees of exactness of the finish or appearance of the final Products or Services ordered by the User over and above generally acceptable standards on the same. The quality of the Products, Services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by you through the Website may not meet your expectations.

Newsletter and Communications

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You accept that you have read and fully understand the privacy policy of the website, further you agree that the terms and conditions of the policy are acceptable to you.

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